Bringing awareness by creating an forgetable moment

Bringing awareness by creating an forgetable moment

The Robin Hood Annual Benefit is New York’s largest single fundraiser that hosts nearly 4,000 guests yearly. The Annual Benefit helps raise millions of dollars to fight against poverty in New York’s five boroughs.

To put an extraordinary event like this together, BDE worked closely with producers and designers, such as David Stark Design & Productions, Nimblist Production, and world-renowned choreographer Sarah O’Gleby. Take a look at some of the highlights of each year BDE provided custom-designed entertainment to fit each benefits theme.

2015’s theme,Together we are Robin Hood was BDE’s first year being a part of the experience. The room was draped in Humans of New York faces and a beautiful staggered sign that read “TOGETHER”. The drumline was dressed in navy blue sweaters with the theme’s word “Together” in bold neon green to promote the night’s theme further.

2017’s reflected on Love and Leadershipcentered around the colors green, white, and black. BDE’s marching band was dressed in white slacks, and black blazers patterned with white stars. BDE shared the night with other great performers such as Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Sting, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, and Staten Island’s P.S. 22 School District.

2019 brought forthRobin Hood to the Power of You,which “is a celebration of the power of the community,” stated Lindsay Carroll, the foundation’s head of marketing and events. BDEntertainment, alongside dancers dressed in blue bomber jackets and white slacks, performed an original song based on a Janelle Monáe song she performed on Sesame Street.

Windows are the eyes of a city 2022 Gala theme created a space full of windows that represented the different views and perspectives of New York’s community. Each performer of the marching band was dressed in a custom costume designed by Ryan Park Design, and had their hair & makeup done by hairstylist Lindsay Block. Drumheads were custom branded by Evans to promote the Robin Hood Annual Benefit on this extraordinary night.


Nonetheless, BDEntertainment is grateful to be a part of such an important and spectacular event, such as the Robin Hood Annual Benefit. 

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