Custom Live Entertainment

 Tell us about your event, idea, or theme and we will put together an ensemble that has never been seen before

Fully customized for you, your event, and your audience

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Book a BDE Ensemble

BDE ensembles are available anywhere in the US or abroad

Take it to the next level by booking one of our branded ensembles available by region

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Creative Consulting Services

For when you already have great entertainment, but the show is getting a bit too rinse and repeat

We provide a comprehensive review of what you do best, then build new creative content to further elevate your existing entertainment assets

Take things to the next level when you do not have the time or resources to reinvent the wheel

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Custom Music Design

Custom music arrangements of any song in any style, feel, or instrumentation

 We can modify your favorite music to create medleys, mashups, and remixes to reinforce a theme, concept, or message at your event

Everything from jingles to audio branding assets, the sky is the limit!

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Audio Production Services

We provide audio solutions for when things get complicated

Wireless miking solutions for live performance, audio recording expertise, and custom-designed audio branding assets to mention a few…

Anything audio, we have got you covered

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Video Production Services

Our solution to the new era of entertainment

Onsite video production crew, post-production services, and video production consulting services are now available for when you need to take entertainment from in-person to virtual

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